Booking Agency

Saura Event Agency consists of three offerings

offers folk- jazz- pop- and world music artists, choirs and vocal groups. If you are looking for anything special to your event and if you want to get touched by the music, don’t hesitate to ask available days of our artists.

delicious and beautiful dishes with ethnic twist!
sushi, gyoza, sashimi, pintos, tapas, baklava, taboulleh, edamame, gaspacho, karjalanpiirakka, kimchi, cheviche, guacamole, kofta…
recipies from all over the world, also From Finland.

flyers, posters, menus, websites, name cards, brochures…
everything you need to make ideas visible. Check more

In addition of three offerings Saura Event Agency producing a club named Iholla in Restaurant Piritta in Helsinki. If you want to play your own music in the club, please take touch Iholla FB

Jazzahead! 2017
Saura Booking Agency is participating JazzAhead in April 2017.

Saura Booking Agency is attending Jazzahead! as a professional participant.
Our main agenda is to book our own artists, which are mainly Finnish Jazz-, folk- and world music artists. Additionally we are producing  folk- and jazz music club in Helsinki (Iholla club).
Our artist Tuuletar will perform in Jazzahead! Club night.
The show will takes place at Weserburg, sat 29th April at 8 pm.

In Jazzahead in Bremen we are looking for opportunities for our own bands in Europe and in whole world. We stay under the Finnish umbrella with the other Finnish agencies, companies and artists. The stand number 6B40 is produced by Music Finland. Welcome to meet us!
We are from Finland and It´s our time to be the partner country!!

We represent our artist
Tuuletar – vocal folk hop
Teho Majamäki Travelogue
Vilma Timonen Quartet
Rinne & Majamäki – meditative jazz
Niillas Holmberg 
(Niilas, Roope Mäenpää, Linda Fredriksson, Teho Majamäki)
Suden Aika

Saura Booking Agency is participating WOMEX 2017.