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Club Iholla: Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L ja Vilma Timonen Quartet
Sat 26th May 2018
6 – 23 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki

In May Club Iholla presents the most original and contemporary Finnish indie folk acts of today: maniac bowed lyre punk by Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L and urban kantele pop by Vilma Timonen Quartet.

Pekko Käppi K:H:H:L

Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L is about love, death, Finnish voodoo and archaic grooves. The minimalistic and straightforward sound has a distinct odour of pop, layered with colliding rhythms, psychedelic sights and a sense of danger. Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L has starred many festivals around the globe and  the latest album Matilda was released in 2017.
Pekko Käppi: Bowed lyres, vocals
Tommi Laine: cigar box guitars, vocals, percussion
Nuutti Vapaavuori: cigar box bass, vocals

Vilma Timonen Quartet

Vilma Timonen Quartet is a fusion band with jazzy and contemporary folk pop topped with the ancient sound of the kantele. The band’s repertoire is a synthesis of compositions by Vilma Timonen and a collection of traditional melodies adapted by the Quartet. The second album Forward was awarded the Emma award in 2010 and the third album Drops (2015) has gained praise and radioplay all over Europe and North America. New music will be published late 2018.
Vilma Timonen – kantele, vocals
Tuomas Timonen – percussion
Topi Korhonen – guitar, trumpet, mandolin
Jaakko Kämäräinen – bass

12 / 15 €  Adults
10 / 13 €  With Iholla matchbox, members of KKV, pensioners, students
6 / 7 €    Children 2-12 years
Door service included.
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By booking a table at you can enjoy food and good seats to see and hear the entire evening. You are also very welcome to come without a booking.


Saura Ohjelmapalvelu Oy


Club Iholla is a monthly run music club at Cafe&Restaurant Piritta in Tokoinranta Hakaniemi. Club presents genuine live music where the focus is on a natural human voice, acoustic instruments and in music where the performer’s imprint is heard in a unique way.

Club Iholla is not committed to any certain genre but its focus is on folk, ethno, jazz and the rising stars of the world music and colourful margins. We introduce artists who are not signed with international record labels and are yet safe from the big machinery’s mastery. Also vocal pop as well as a cappella music are in the core of Club Iholla’s production.

At Club Iholla the aim is to perform and hear strong emotions that dig deep under your skin – or in the best case remain on the skin long after the show is over. Naturally the name of the club, Iholla (Finnish for ”on the skin”), comes from this tingling idea.

Please welcome and enjoy a genuine live music in a marine environment at Café Piritta. At Club Iholla you get to enjoy good food and wine by the sea while diving into intriguing culture with live music.

The club is for everyone, young or old, for people who want to be touched by good music. You can just sit down, relax and enjoy of the beautiful scenery.
Café Piritta has a great atmosphere with big sunny terrace, good food, beer, wine and coffee.

Club Iholla: Tuuletar, The Fisherman & The Sea and Elina Teini
Sat 21st April 2018
6 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki
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In April Club Iholla is all about different music styles and combinations. Earthy folk grunge by Fisherman & The Sea is followed by vocal folk hop group Tuuletar’s comeback to Club Iholla. The night is opened by an aspiring singer-songwriter Elina Teini with her band.

6 pm doors
7 pm Elina Teini
8 pm The Fisherman & The Sea
9.30 pm Tuuletar

Tuuletar Vocal Folk Hop

Tuuletar (Goddess of The Wind in Finnish mythology) takes a novel approach to Finnish musical tradition. The band´s virtuoso singers use only their voices to create a vivid soundscape where beatbox rhythms meet Finnish folk tradition. The group takes influences from American hip hop to South Asian folk while keeping their feet rooted in Finnish language and heritage.

Among Finnish folk groups Tuuletar is one of the most active touring around the globe. In 2018 Tuuletar has been invited to many well-known festivals, such as Sur Jahan in India, Songlines Encounters and WOMAD in UK, Buskers Bern in Switzerland and Ritmo in Hungary. Tuuletar’s song Alku (The Beginning) is featured worldwide as a Game Of Thrones DVD trailer theme. 

Fisherman & The Sea by Nani Annette

The Fisherman & The Sea have finally found their sonic identity after playing and writing for seven years. Marrying the unexpected – grunge with folk, a cajón drum set with a blaring guitar amp or, as it were, hurt with humour – while churning out some rather catchy pop songs. The resulting debut EP Beggar Princess was released independently on August 2017 and gathered a lot of praise in the American indie scene.
The second EP Stuck With A Rhyme was released in December. (Photo by Nani Annette)

Elina Teini

Elina Teini is a promising freelance singer-songwriter who builds her music on strong soul voice, dramatic melodies and honest lyrics. At Club Iholla Elina Teini performs with a rhythm quartet.

Elina Teini – vocals
Tiia Ladvelin – guitar
Aarni Seppänen – piano/synth
Mikko Sällinen – drums
Olavi Haavistola – bass

Club Iholla: Suistamon Sähkö, Petri Hakala & Piia Kleemola and Elsi Sloan
Sat 24th March 2018
6 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki

In March Club Iholla gets back to the roots and presents top of the tops of Finnish folk scene. Virtuotic duo Petri Hakala & Piia Kleemola plays Finnish folk classics and Suistamon Sähkö’s ugric energy entrances with their mad Karelian electro folk. The evening is opened by a talented, young singer-songwriter Elsi Sloan.

Iholla Suistamon Sähkö

Suistamon Sähkö and crazy music scientists Anne-Mari Kivimäki and Eero Grundström performs new Karelian dance music with electronics, toy accordion, power of song, rap and manic moves. Add two dancing vocalists Reetta-Kaisa Iles and Tuomas Juntunen and this visual folktronica act will make you dance yourself into a trance.

The songs’ stories are inspired by Suistamo’s old village maps, hydroelectric power plants and mills, scratchy archive tapes, folk poetry and bumpy roads of Karelia. Groovy accordion rhythms, imaginative use of samples and electronics, folk tradition and hip hop influences makes an uncompromising mix of dance party and art from the wild east.

Iholla Petri Hakala & Piia Kleemola

Petri Hakala & Piia Kleemola form a brand new duo consisting of two champs of Finnish folk music. The mandolin and guitar player Petri Hakala and the fiddler Piia Kleemola started to play together while working as an artistic directors of the Haapavesi Folk Music Festival in 2016. The veterans of Finnish folk music perform the classic fiddle repertoire with a spirit of the chamber music. The tunes have been chosen carefully from the old archive recordings and manuscripts and in the hands of Hakala and Kleemola, come alive fresh and new.

Playing mandolin family instruments, guitar and fiddle, Petri Hakala has been in the Finnish music circles since mid 80s. Hakala has been a member of various folk music groups performing and recording in Finland, Europe and USA. Violinist, Doctor of Music Piia Kleemola is known as an exceptional performer, who is at home in both traditional and more experimental music worlds. The specialty of the Seinäjoki-based artist is Ostrobothnian fiddle polska. Kleemola has released three solo recordings and she performs on 30 records.

Iholla Elsi Sloan

“It’s a misbuttoned life.” Artsy high scool girl Elsi Sloan mixes colourful metaphors and lively stories about the everyday life surrounding her. Elsi plays piano and ukulele and invites the listener into the whirls of her bubbling personality.

Club Iholla: Emma Salokoski Voices and
Rebecca Clamp & Hans Wessels

Sat 24th February 2018
6 pm – 11 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki
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February’s Club Iholla is the place to experience soulful storytelling, versatile singing and strong presence while the stage is occupied by vocal group Emma Salokoski Voices and a singer-songwriters Rebecca Clamp & Hans Wessels.

Emma Salokoski Voices

Emma Salokoski Voices is a female choir and collective who delivers music free from genre borders and definitions. The group has performed on a main stage of Flow Festival, done soundpainting and created a modern cabaret with a young and imaginative director Sara Melleri. At Club Iholla their show consists of urban rhythm music, improvisations and vocal arrangements of Emma Salokoski’s songs.

Rebecca Clamp and Hans Wessels

Rebecca Clamp and Hans Wessels make emotive, lyric-based songs with a ukulele, a piano, their voices and electronics. Lit Up With Sorrow is Rebecca Clamp‘s third album to date released on Folkwit Records (UK). Clamp moved to Finland in 2004 and her partner and collaborator Hans Wessels has lived in Finland since 1997. Their musical collaboration started over coffee in Bear Park Cafe, Kallio in 2013. Wessels is also the frontman of the tango orchestra Vallilan Tango. At Club Iholla the duo will be joined by Anton Salokoski on the bass.

“Prepare for a diverse sequence of brilliantly original songs, ranging in mood from the quietly tender “Still” to the epic and dreamy “All the Best”. Avoiding all the clichés of pop songwriting, these are sharply observed vignettes of ambivalent moments in human relationships” (Ben Whitworth,

Club Iholla: Saima Hyökki and haapoja & illmari kollektiivi
Sat 27th January 2018
6 pm – 11 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki
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The years first Club Iholla presents new music in various forms introducing a singer-songwriter Saima Hyökki and a folk rap group haapoja & illmari kollektiivi.

Saima Hyökki

Saima Hyökki (Rajaton, Lauluyhtye Viisi) is a household name in vocal music scene. She has trained and taught vocal ensembles and choirs and written numerous vocal arrangements. Now she is leaning on her own voice, personal stories and songs. Her songs tell about small miracles, swirls of everyday life and troubles of heart. At Club Iholla stage she is accompanied by Timo Alakotila (piano), Jussi Kontinen (guitar) and Tero Tuovinen (bass).

 haapoja & illmari kollektiivi

haapoja & illmari kollektiivi combines rap, urban contemporary folk and sturdy beats to Helsinki city soundscapes. Rhymes of ancient bards and poets meet modern man’s perspective in wordsmith illmari’s verbal treatment and music is influenced by Finnish folk tradition, indie pop and electronic music. The collective’s second album Uusi maailma (A New World) was released in autumn 2017. The band consists of Mikko H. Haapoja (vocals, bowed harp, electronics),  illmari (rap, spoken word), Amanda Kauranne (vocals, looper) and Lukas Kristo (harmonium, piano).

Club Iholla: Janne Ojajärvi, Suden aika
Sat 30th December 2017
6 pm – 11 pm
Café Piritta, Eläintarhantie 12, 00530 Helsinki

Janne OjajärviJanne Ojajärvi
plays traditional Nordic folk. He works with harmonicas, singing and overtone flutes.  He also do throat singing and play mouth harp. I currently teach harmonica, ensembles and music theory at the Käpylä Music school in Helsinki. At the moment he plays in groups called Trio Beoir, J. Ojajärvi Duo, Duo Holopainen Ojajärvi and Paja. The other projects are for example contemporary circus performance Kiven aika.

Suden Aika
The unique sound and tonality of Suden aika (The Time of the Wolf) is created by the combination of four strong female voices, each different in it’s own way. Suden aika is the bearer of tradition. In the music the age-old traditional Finnish oral poetry reciting meets the music of today. Suden aika can’t be labeled as a traditional folk music group although the tone language draws its strong roots from the Nordic and Finno-Ugric folk music tradition. Suden aika composes and arranges their music themselves. The texts are based on the ancient Finnish lyrical folk poetry. The old Finnish poetical language is rich, colorful and beautiful; each listener is entitled to his own interpretation, there is no single official version. Suden aika is a vocal group, but they also use many different musical instruments, such as different types of Finnish Kantele, Swedish Mora-harp, long wooden flutes, mbiras and shaman- and Udu-drums.
Karoliina Kantelinen is the new member of the group. The singer is well-known from Värttinä and Ketsurat and she make very strong career as soloist as well.
Katariina Airas
Liisa Matveinen
Veera Voima
Karoliina Kantelinen

Club Iholla: Suo, Riikka Timonen & Senni Eskelinen
November 25th 2017
6 pm – 11 pm



The music of Suo digs deep down into the landscape of archaic Finnish runosinging: the rich language of kalevala poetry, the fascinating myths and spells, the ageless flow of kantele music. Interpreted by this skillful trio, the forgotten music becomes alive once more and gets injected straight into your spine: the energetic guitar of Roope Aarnio, the nimble fiddle of Emilia Lajunen and powerful voice of Veera Voima will take you on an unforgettable journey. The other elements adding to the unique sound of Suo are medieval string instrument nyckelharpa, 10-string kantele, shaman drum, low whistle and overtone flute, and rich 3-voice harmonies. Suo won the third prize in Kaustinen Konsta Jylhä -competition year 2012, and first prize in Rääkkylä the year 2007. Suo’s second CD was one of the five nominees for Finnish equivalent of music oscar, Etno-Emma prize of 2009.

Roope Aarnio, guitar
Emilia Lajunen, fiddle
Veera Voima, vocals


Riikka Timonen ja Senni EskelinenRiikka Timonen
 is an outstanding singer from Finland. After performing years with bands like Värttinä and Adiemus (by Karl Jenkins), she has been concentrating on creating her own music. Her first solo album “Käenkukuntayöt” (Aito Records 2008) presented an intriguing combination of electro-ethnic sounds made by acoustic instruments, programming and the unique voice of Riikka – both sensitive and brutal.
Senni Eskelinen is one of the most famous kantelist in Finland. She was born in a very musical family in a small village called “Hirvilahti”. She started to play the kantele in the age of three. “All the boys and girls played the kantele in my village. Even my mother, father and my brothers did, so it was very natural for me to play it too”, says Senni. “Since I got more and more familiar with the instrument I never wanted to change it!”
She started to play the concert kantele in the age of eight and when she was in her teens, electric kantele came in to the picture. “Being a musician was more important for me than being “just” a kantelist,” says Senni. So over the years she has found more than one way to play this traditional intstrument; from old Karelian songs to heavy music and even progressive rock!
No wonder Riikka got so excited when she first heard Senni playing eight years ago. This woman could express all human emotions from heartbreaking sensitiveness to raw archaic rage, just laying her fingers on those 39 strings in a wooden table! Playing together felt very natural to them from day one. “Creating a right feeling for the song is most important to us. Always be true to the story behind the music and you never get wrong”, they say. “Because the lyrics are strong we are not afraid to express also strong feelings together with the sensitive ones.”
Senni’s virtuosity in kantelism and Riikka’s unique voice create a sound, that’s truly original and beautiful in ways you could never have imagined!

Senni Eskelinen
Riikka Timonen


Warm and engaging –  this is Ilo Ensemble in a nutshell, both in their sound and in their stage presence. The members of this five-woman a cappella group met each other as students at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. The ensemble itself was born in 2012. Ilo´s heart belongs to folk music, improvisation and theatre tunes. Versatile musicianship, an imaginative sound and use of the voice are the main ingredients in a musical broth guaranteed to make the listener swoon.
Ilo Ensemble´s passion is the reki-song: Finnish popular music of the 19th Century, crafted by and for the ordinary people. These short rhymed folk songs were about everyday life, and no human sentiment was foreign to them. Ilo Ensemble revives this tradition for our modern age by composing, writing and arranging brand new, candid and vivid reki-songs. Indeed, the ensemble proves that the reki-song tradition is not a mouldy museum exhibit, but rather a fertile soil for artistic expression, be it about a love most furtive, or the ills of contemporary society. In June 2017 Ilo Ensemble  participated to the international Contest for Vocal Ensembles at Tampere Vocal Music Festival and won the acoustic category.  Ilo Ensemble´s debut album is coming out in autumn 2017.

Helmi Camus, vocals
Salla Haavisto, vocals
Charlotta Hagfors, vocals
Tiina Palmén, vocals
Ulla Silvennoinen, vocals


Maija Kauhanen
A powerfully expressive voice, deep-rooted kantele and inventive percussion: fleet-fingered virtuoso and one-woman band Maija Kauhanen specializes in Finnish Saarijärvi kantele and the old and rare technique of playing kantele using a tiny wooden stick as a plectrum. Weaving this together with poly-rhythms and organic beats, she creates unique soundscapes and compelling grooves. Maija is a composer and a versatile multi-instrumentalist as well as a charismatic performer with an entrancing stage presence. The rural music traditions of Finland and Karelia are her main influence and inspiration and she deftly gives their time-honoured melodies a new life. Maija’s first solo album was released on March 2017 by the German label, Nordic Notes. The album is produced by Colin Bass from Wales UK. Maija’s first solo album, ‘Raivopyörä / The Whirl of Rage’, invokes powerful atmospheres that get under the listener’s skin. Some of the songs deal with the fates of various women; stories of challenging relationships, domestic violence or child-brides are unflinchingly portrayed, but there is also joy, consolation, hope and the mystery of young love to be celebrated.



Hyvää Huomenta BertholdHyvää Huomenta Berthold
 makes smiling and melancholic acoustic music with a folk-pop twist in Finnish. Lyrics and compositions made by the band tell the story of everyday life and relationships in an intriguing and comprehending way. A group of four musicians plays guitar, bass, banjo, cajon and vocals.

Johanna Sauramäki, vocals, flute
Mika Monto, acoustic guitar, back vocals
Late Pesonen, bass, acoustic guitar
Jan Schulte-Tigges, banjo, acoustic guitar

KYSYMYKSIÄ, soundcloud
EDEIJEE, youtube

Uusi MannerUusi Manner
 is a band from Jyväskylä, founded in 2013 and they`re playing acoustic and soft pop/folk music. Their songs are dealing joy of life, love, loss and big questions of life. The band gigs are really atmospheric and always gets listeners feeling emotional. The band are releasing their debytalbum in autumm 2017 which is called ”Musta Vuosi”.

Auroora Sallinen, vocals
Simo Andersén, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Saku Rajalin, electric guitar, lap steel
Jukka Okkonen, bass
Viljo Rissanen, drums

MUSTA VUOSI, youtube

Barlast (Swedish for ballast) creates spacious new music. The silence can be heard between the notes. Everything unnecessary is stripped away. Only the name remains as ballast. The Finnish group Barlast released their debut album Ihantola (LLS03/Texicalli Digital) in February 2017. Most of the album was recorded in the round attic tower of the 110 year old Ihantola building in Helsinki. If you listen closely, you can sometimes hear the soundscape of the hip Kallio district.
With folk music and jazz as the starting point the ensemble creates new music defying genre borders. At times the music is strictly arranged, at times the band indulges in completely free improvisations.

Philip Holm, Double bass
Heikki Hänninen, Guitars
Minna Koskenlahti, Drums, flute
Sanna Salonen, Soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, mänkeri

Laïcité, youtube