Niillas Holmberg Duo

Niillas Holmberg and Roope Mäenpää Duo – Arctic folk music in Northern Sámi language.


Take a composer of classical music having multi-instrumental skills and a musician poet with traditional sámi joiku music background, add singer-songwriter style to the mixt and you might get just that kind of music. The music of Niillas Holmberg and Roope Mäenpää characterizes the roughness and beauty of the nature of Lapland, lappish beliefs and philosophy of life.

Niillas Holmberg (born 1990) is a versatile Sámi poet, musician and actor from Utsjoki, Lapland. His artistic expression is inspired by Sámi identity and nature of Lapland. In 2010 he was chosen for a Young Artist of the Year at the Riddu Riđđu Festival in Norway and in 2011 he received the Young Artist prize by Kalevala Society for his work for the Sámi culture. Niillas Holmberg’s poems have been translated in Finnish, English, Norwegian, Spanish and German.

Roope Mäenpää (1990) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Tampere, Finland. Niillas and Roope met at the age of 16 when studying at the Tampere Arts-Oriented High School. Ever since have these two young musicians have continued their cooperation in the path of creating arctic folk music.

The duo’s first album Man guottán girjji fárus (Why I carry a book with me) was published in 2011 and the second album Assimilašuvdna blues
(Assimilation blues) in 2014.

Youtube: Muhto Don
Spotify: Assimilašuvdna blues