Philomela choir is an energetic and innovative female choir from Helsinki, Finland. Philomela won Championship titles in the World Choir Games 2014, and European Choir Games 2013.
Philomela is known for its strong and memorable musical performances which often deal with a woman’s life, its joys and sorrows. Philomela commissions new music frequently, and enjoys working with composers who take elements from Finnish folk tradition and creatively combine it with their own musical ideas.
The women uses human voice in all possible ways from sweet to coarse, soft to loud,
and uses also movement and the available acoustic space to present a multidimensional musical experience for the audience. Philomela’s unique musical expression has succeeded to touch audiences’ hearts all over the world across language and cultural barriers.

Listen: Veden Kutsu @Musiikkitalo
Video: Tuulen nostatus
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9.12. Philomela Suomi 100, Suomenlinnan kirkko, Helsinki
15.12. Christmas Carols, Paavali church, Helsinki
19.12. Christmas Carols, Pyhän Lauri church, Vantaa
21.12. Christmas Carols, Temppelixaukio church, Helsinki
9.12. Suomenlinna church, Helsinki, Finland
6.1. Suomenlinna church, Helsinki, Finland
Special guests Tapani Rinne & Teho Majamäki duo