Saura Booking Agency – folk- jazz- and world music artists, choirs and vocal groups. If you are looking for anything special to your event and if you want to get touched by the music, don’t hesitate to ask available days of these artists.


Without Borders September 22nd – 24th 2017
Saura Booking Agency is participating Without Borders 2017 world music conference and meeting in Varna, Bulgaria.

Musiikki & Media 
October 5th – 7th 2017
Saura Booking Agency is participating Music&Media 2017 music conference @Tampere, Finland. 

Tuuletar band performing in Lost in Music Festival @Telakka October 6th at midnight 00.30 o´clock.

 2017 October 25th – 29th 2017
in Katowice, Poland.

Saura Booking Agency is attending Womex 2017 as a professional participant.
Our main focus is to book our own artists, which are mainly Finnish folk-, jazz and world music artists. Additionally we are producing monthly run folk, world and jazz music club in Helsinki Iholla club. So we are looking for opportunities to exchange artists.

Our artist Tuuletar band and Vilma Timonen (from Vilma Timonen Quartet) is participating as well. Bafe´s Factory, the record label of these artists is participating as well. So you could come to meet the whole team of Tuuletar and Vilma Timonen.

@Womex we are looking for opportunities for our own bands world wide.
We stay under the Finnish umbrella with the other Finnish agencies, companies and artists. The stand is produced by Music Finland. Welcome to meet us!

We represent @Womex2017

Tuuletar – vocal folk hop
Teho Majamäki Travelogue
Vilma Timonen Quartet
Rinne & Majamäki – meditative jazz
Niillas Holmberg 
Duo, Ensemble and Kvarteahtta
Suden Aika
Karoliina Kantelinen & Susan Aho – Finnish-balkan ethno duo
Tuomas Rounakari – shaman violin
Aino Elina – electronic pop mixed Finnish ethno

Jazzahead 2017
FOLK i VАRLDEN, Helsingborg 2017
Hilmarfestivalen, Norja 2016
Womex 2016
Musiikki & Media 2016
Arctic Paradise 2016
JazzAhead 2016
Mars 2016
Womex 2015
Folkelarm 2014
Musiikki & Media 2014