Suden aika

Suden Aika

The unique sound and tonality of Suden aika (The Time of the Wolf) is created by the combination of four strong female voices, each different in it’s own way. Suden aika is the bearer of tradition. In the music the age-old traditional Finnish oral poetry reciting meets the music of today. Suden aika can’t be labeled as a traditional folk music group although the tone language draws its strong roots from the Nordic and Finno-Ugric folk music tradition. Suden aika composes and arranges their music themselves. The texts are based on the ancient Finnish lyrical folk poetry. The old Finnish poetical language is rich, colorful and beautiful; each listener is entitled to his own interpretation, there is no single official version.

Suden aika is a vocal group, but they also use many different musical instruments, such as different types of Finnish Kantele, Swedish Mora-harp, long wooden flutes, mbiras and shaman- and Udu-drums.

Karoliina Kantelinen is the new member of the group. The singer is well-known from Värttinä and Ketsurat and she make very strong career as soloist as well.
Members: Katariina Airas, Liisa Matveinen, Veera Voima and Karoliina Kantelinen