Tipsy Gipsy

When two seasoned musicians started to jam in a park in Berlin something klicked and strange things were about to happen. A new duo Tipsy Gipsy was born.

Tipsy Gipsy Susan Aho Karoliina Kantelinen

When musicians Susan Aho and Karoliina Kantelinen were  jamming in one of the many parks of Berlin, they realized that they got drunk solely from the music they just created.

In the music from Tipsy Gipsy you can hear the temperament of gipsy music combined with traditional Finnish folklore. The duo adds the combination a fresh touch with their own distinctive songs. The lively and expressive performance of the duo grabs you with the atmosphere of the music. These two multi-instrumentalists enrich their strong harmonic singing with traditional folklore instruments such as accordion, kantele, mandolin and melodica. The singers are well-known i.a. from folk music groups Värttinä, Ketsurat and Kuunkuiskaajat.

Soundcloud: UchiKAla
Dropbox: EP
Youtube: Petolliset silmät