Tuomas Rounakari


Shaman violin arose out of wax-cylinder recordings, collected by Finnish linguist Kai Donner in his incredible travels across Siberia between 1912 and 1914. These wax-cylinders include rare songs sung by real shamans from the Ob and Yenisei-river districts. SHAMANVIOLIN is a fully acoustic solo performance where traditional violin is modified through tuning and playing techniques. It is a one-man band with simultaneous playing, vocal sounds and stomping. In the Live performance of SHAMANVIOLIN, the songs are coupled with good old story telling.
Each song has it’s own history. Sharing these stories create an image of the arctic people, their myths and cosmology, life and arts.
Tuomas Rounakari is a violinist, composer and an MA ethnomusicologist specialised in ritualistic music of Finno-Ugric and Arctic peoples. He has studied composition at the New School University in New York City and graduated with honors from Helsinki University. He has done field-work among Khanty people in Siberia and is an expert on Karelian laments.
“Shamanviolinist Tuomas Rounakari follows his inner self and reunites via playing with the deepest core of the world. Working with ethnic materials through improvisation has concretized something central about humanity, presence and cohesiveness of the mankind to himself and his listeners.
YLE Radio 1 Playing the magical fiddle documentary on a series Todellisia Tarinoita.”