Debut EP Unissa released by Aino Elina

Aino Elina, a newcomer on the Edinburgh indie electro pop scene. Following her singles Vankina and Rukous this singer-songwriter, originally from Lapland, Finland, is releasing today her debut EP Unissa. Aino Elina has been working on this EP with two well-known producers, Dave Lloyd from Lost Oscillation and David Whitmey. Continue Reading

Emma Award to Maija Kauhanen!

Emma Gala is the greatest annual event of Finnish music and this year the celebration took place at Metro Areena in Espoo last Saturday. Emma Award for The Ethno Album of 2017 was granted to Maija Kauhanen. Congratulations Maija! Maija Kauhanen has definitely earned the honour. The criteria for Emma Continue Reading

New signings at Saura Booking Agency: Maija Kauhanen and Okra Playground

We are very happy to announce new signings: Multi-instrumentalist, singer and kantele artist Maija Kauhanen and internationally succeeded electro folk band Okra Playground have joined Saura Booking Agency. Maija Kauhanen with her unique techniques and powerful songs has raised enormous interest in Middle and Southern Europe, Nordic countries and Asia. Continue Reading