New ethereal electro pop from Aino Elina

Singer-songwriter Aino Elina has recently released her second single Rukous (A Prayer) as an electropop solo artist. A music video by Dale R Murray is out now and it was shot in the Innocent Railway Tunnel in Edinburgh. Aino Elina is currently working on the EP with the Edinburgh based producer Dave Lloyd aka Dave Oscillation (Passmore, Emilie, Stillhound). The EP will be released early 2018 featuring ethereal electronic pop songs in Finnish.

About the song: “Rukous tells a story of empty promises, prayers that nobody hears. The spell has been broken, magic’s gone, the true faces have been revealed. Punches have been thrown and you know you’re not going to make it – together. But you’ll get through it on your own, slowly but surely. The video tells about this journey. The idea is very simple – there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Aino Elina is known for her versatile vocal ability and beautiful melody lines. In Aino Elina’s songs the soft vocals flirt with hip hop and drum&bass beats. Vibraphone, strings and harp lighten up the mood. Even harsh topics are wrapped up in soft hazy harmony.

Aino Elina’s debut single Vankina was released in March 2017 with positive reviews. Best of British Unsigned listed it as Track of the Week Winner, first ever in foreign language.

Aino Elina on Skinny Magazine
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